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Student Clubs

Operating within Yıldız Technical University, the Environment Club is a volunteer-based student club that aims to produce comprehensive and holistic solutions to problems by analyzing the dimensions of industry, social life and the environment in the process of sustainable development. It has continued its activities under the name YTÜÇEV since 2012.

We aim to create social benefit and add value by having a sustainable vision and mission on the path we set out with the aim of raising awareness. By organizing seminars, talks, workshops and technical trips; We bring together students with environmentally conscious people, institutions and organizations who are experts in their fields. Aiming to focus on and lead projects that benefit the environment, we organize integrated activities and projects with an environmentally friendly perspective for our members in their areas of interest or the professions they study. We embrace the idea that technology, which has reached the point of destroying nature, can be used as a tool to save nature today.
Events held regularly within the club are Green Startups, Sustainability Summit, Green Sector and Environment Festival. Seeking solutions to problems such as climate crisis and uncontrolled waste management, which are one of the most critical problems of our world; Aiming to contribute to the realization of sustainable development goals; Conducts awareness-raising activities by communicating social and technological innovations to people of all ages; We organize these events, which aim to guide candidate students in line with the goals and objectives of the Environmental Engineering department, which is called the profession of the future, by providing various collaborations every year. YTU Zero Waste Community, which is a sub-branch of the Environment Club and started operating in 2021, organizes events to raise awareness among university students about how zero waste work should be done in both social and corporate life and aims to encourage them to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

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