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Our department was established in 1989 within the Faculty of Engineering and in 1992, after our university was transformed into a "Technical University", it was affiliated to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and has been training Environmental Engineers for 35 years. In 2023, it gave its 24th graduates. Since the 2008-2009 academic year, it has been providing education at Davutpaşa Campus.

The aim of university education; in addition to gaining knowledge and skills in acquiring a profession, is to conduct scientific research, to provide the ability to access, evaluate and interpret information and to put them at the service of humanity. In addition to education and training activities, our specialised faculty members serve both our students and the society by conducting research on various subjects.                            

Our department has one undergraduate programme accredited by MÜDEK and EUR-ACE. As of 2014-2015 academic year, student admission to the 2nd undergraduate programme has been suspended.

In the Department of Environmental Engineering, students are sent abroad within the scope of ERASMUS student exchange programme and students are accepted from abroad. In addition, students are accepted from other universities in Turkey within the scope of FARABİ and MEVLANA student exchange programme. We are at the forefront among the Environmental Engineering Departments of our country with our facilities and academic staff.

The academic and administrative staff distribution of our department is as follows.       

- 16 Professor

- 12 Associate Professor

- 2 Assistant Professors

- 8 Research Assistant

- 1 Technician

- 2 Secretaries


Working Areas of Our Graduates

The main areas where an environmental engineering graduate can work are as follows:

- Air Pollution Control

- Hazardous Waste Management

- Solid Waste Management

- Control of Toxic Substances

- Water Supply

- Wastewater Management

- Rainwater Management

- Public Health

- Occupational Health and Safety


Institutions where our graduates work

Depending on what kind of work, with whom and where you will work, environmental engineering offers numerous work opportunities to graduates. As an environmental engineer, there are certain institutions and organisations are as follows:


- Ministries

- Universities

- State Hydraulic Works

- Iller Bank

- Municipalities

- Factories

- Treatment Plants

- Project Firms

- Analysis Laboratories

- Hospitals

- Consultancy Firms